NCAA Basketball Betting for 2014

NCAA Basketball Betting: Favored Florida Confronts Challenge in Final Two Rounds
In 2 brief weeks, the NCAA Tournament field has been reduced from Sixty eight to four. Brackets have been broken, anticipations defied and college basketball betting fans who thought they knew the wayit would all unfold remain struggling to predict what happens next. And that’s why they refer it to as March Madness.

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Topping the foursome of remaining contenders include the top-ranked Florida Gators, a #1 seed with lofty goals from the beginning. With 10 to 11 odds of winning the NCAA Tournament, the Billy Donovan-led team can also add their own 3rd national title inside of ten years.

Having 30 consecutive wins under their belt proceeding into the regional final (the 1st since Duke to do so in The late 90s), it’s no wonder odds-makers are experiencing a difficult time searching anywhere but Florida in the sportsbook.

Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean the rest can’t deal some damage of their own.

Kentucky, fresh off of an upset with 2013 runner-up Michigan in the regional semifinals, presents 5 to 2 odds going into the penultimate game. Julius Randle is actually a 15.0 PPG/10.5 RPG future pro, but will the possible lottery selection be enough to have the Wildcats get through a particularly motivated Wisconsin basketball team fresh off a win over top-seeded Arizona?

Connecticut is no stranger to playing with top competition, and will look to set out and bring yet another upset for their profile. Skeptics may have concerns whether Shabazz Napier and his crew can get through a group such as the Gators, but then again they said the same thing about Michigan State. As well as Iowa State. And Villanova.

Florida is Favored Among Regional Finalists going into the next contest.

This season’s bounty of NCAA Tournament contenders hasn’t disappointed the fans. Now even as we focus in on the remaining two rounds of play, the college basketball betting world has the capacity to take a more in-depth look at the best of the best.

For Billy Donovan plus the 30-game succeed streak-riding Florida Gators, this week is definitely business as always. Their 10/11 NCAA Basketball game odds make them, or in other words bolster them as, the team to beat inside the sportsbooks.

For #7 seed Connecticut, it’s another chance to turn the odds in their favor. The Huskies will be underdogs against Florida, but then again, these folks were underdogs against Michigan State, Iowa State and Villanova.

Kentucky will hold a slight advantage over Wisconsin in the other semifinal, even with a lower seed.

The Florida Gators are actually the college basketball betting community’s preferred choice well before the NCAA Tournament commenced mid-March. At this point they’ll confront their most difficult test in the sportsbook. Can Billy Donovan and organization succeed where Michigan State, Iowa State and Villanova all hit a brick wall – bumping off Shabazz Napier plus the upstart Connecticut Huskies.

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