Golf Betting Guide

Betting on Golf

If you plan on wagering on any golf tournament you will most likely have three betting types at your disposal. You can bet that a particular golfer will win the event, wager that a golfer will finish in the top three or that one golfer will place higher than another golfer.

Betting A Golfer To Win

When you look at the odds for any tournament they will appear like this:

  • Tiger Woods +150
  • Rory McIlroy +250
  • Phil Mickelson +300
  • Field +700

The odds are presented as money lines so for every $10 you bet on Rory McIlroy you will get $25 back if you win. Many tournaments will list a betting entry named “Field.” This is meant to represent all the other golfers who are not listed in the official odds. This bet usually has the highest odds because the chances of a no-name golfer winning the tournament is very slim. Because of this, a “Field” bet is usually a bad idea.

Betting A Golfer To Place

You can also bet that a golfer will finish in the top three. Using the above example the odds for a place bet would look like this;

  • Tiger Woods -160
  • Rory McIlroy +100
  • Phil Mickelson +200
  • Field -110

Notice that Tiger Woods is highly favored to finish in the top three. You would need to wager $60 in order to win $10. By the same token you could win $20 for every $10 you bet on Phil Mickelson.

Betting Head To Head

The last of the common golf bets is betting that one golfer will finish ahead of another golfer. In this bet the gambler doesn’t care what place his golfer finishes just as long as he finishes ahead of the golfer he is paired with.

Here is an example of this type of bet;

Tiger Woods 190 Steve Stricker +150

In this wager you would have to bet $19 to win $10 if toy think Tiger Woods will finish above Steve Striker. Conversely, a $10 wager on Striker will earn you $15 if he finishes above Tiger Woods.

There are other proposition bets like will there be a hole in one or will a certain golfer make the cut. These are usually steep odds and may be a bit exotic for beginners.

There are a number of sports betting sites on the Internet that take golf bets. With a little research and sound money management any sports bettor can expand into the golf betting world.

Now you can use our golf betting guide to go bet at one of the sports-books online. All the advertisers listed on this site are good places to wager on golf and other sports.

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