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Betting on Football

NFL Betting Futures 2014

Well known players top the Super Bowl Futures as the off season nears for NFL Betting Futures 2014.

The Seattle Seahawks are coming from probably the most impressive blowout Super Bowl victories in the history of the NFL. The core that directed them to the championship is among the youngest in the nfl and their significant 2013 off season acquisition will in fact suit up for them for longer than a single regular season game in 2014 – no wonder they lead the NFL futures heading into next season.

With 11/2 odds of winning Super Bowl XLIX, the Seahawks retain the minor advantage over NFC West Division competitor San Francisco. Richard Sherman, the elite corner-back did go as far as to state that the NFC Championship Game between the two contenders was essentially the real Super Bowl. Hard to argue with him on that point.

This year’s runner-up Broncos currently have merely 10/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, while Tom Brady and the Patriots have leap-frogginged them with 9/1 odds of their very own. The window is closing for Peyton Manning in Denver.

Perhaps next season will bring about new faces altogether. The Green Bay Packers have regressed positively slightly since their 2010 championship, and the upstart Indianapolis Colts as well as Carolina Panthers are even more removed from franchise success. Andrew Luck and Cam Newton represent the new generation of NFL quarterbacks and while their playing styles may vary, they’re a couple of young stars competent at guiding their teams to new heights over the course of the next decade.

Will 2014 produce much of the same? Or is a shift in the football panorama in the making? It could be too early to say for certain, however betting on the 2014 NFL futures early does have its advantages.

Can Any one Halt Seattle in 2014?

The Seattle Seahawks are the team to overcome with regards to the Super Bowl XLIX futures, and for good explanation. Coming off essentially the most impressive world-class game blowouts in league history, the Russell Wilson-powerhouse is only able to improve. Look out, NFL.

Leading the way with odds of winning the Super Bowl, the Seahawks have proven that the defense they’ve been recognized for over the course of recent seasons is really a legitimate force.

Anticipate the San Francisco 49ers to give Seattle a run for their money in the NFC West. The 49’s are the 2nd highest team on the Super Bowl 2014 futures outright. Pretty good for just one division.

Additional candidates such as the Patriots and Broncos have experienced their NFL odds cut down slightly, while emerging threats such as the Colts and Panthers aren’t to be overlooked.

It may be too early, but betting for the Super Bowl 1 year in advance does have its advantages. Who’ll be next year’s surprise challenger?

Go to your favorite sports book and see what you can bet on today.


Super Bowl Betting XLVIII

The Denver Broncos are a 2.5 point favorite heading into Super Bowl XLVIII, but choosing whether it is going to be them or the Seattle Seahawks who win football’s greatest prize is very much an exercise in philosophy. While Peyton Manning’s Broncos are the most potent offense within the league, the Seahawks are its most dominant defense.

Rarely are footballs fans treated to a matchup that pits the No. 1 offense up against the No. 1 safeguard, so don’t react shocked when that’s the tremendous design of the weekend. The question that oddsmakers and specialists alike have been struggling to find an answer for is which strategy to the game will ultimately win out.

Could the Broncos thrive if Richard Sherman and company can shut down their aerial game? Can the Seahawks find enough offense to maintain pace with Denver even if they do?
In case the biggest strength of the Denver Broncos happens to coincide with the biggest strength of the Seattle Seahawks, then something will have to give at Super Bowl XLVIII. The question that the NFL betting community needs to answer, then, is whether or not Jake Fox and Pete Carroll stick with what’s worked for them all year, or begin thinking outside of the box.

For Peyton Manning and the Broncos, taking to the air to place points on the board is almost inevitable. Whenever you’re the very best in the game at doing something, so why do anything else? This week, however, Denver’s aerial assault will be tested by the best secondary in football. What would work against 30 other teams in the NFL may not automatically work against this one.

It begs the question, will the Broncos attempt to beat Richard Sherman and the Seahawks as they quite simply would anybody else or expect to implement a greater portion of a running game in order to keep from playing straight into Seattle’s fingers – and just what will that mean for Knowshon Moreno’s 20/1 odds of winning Super Bowl MVP?

It’s clear to see the benefits of both approaches along with the reality is that we’ll likely experience a mixture of both. Which means betting on the Super Bowl comes down to choosing which of the two teams will bring forth the best overall package and isn’t that what the NFL championship should be about anyway? Denver’s the 2.5 point favorite for Super Sunday.

Will you be betting Super Bowl XLVIII?