Bovada Sportsbook Review

Bovada Sportsbook Review

Since the Free Trade & Processing act of 1994, online gambling has been a booming business that cant be matched by Vegas’ wildest dreams. Consumers have the convenience of making wagers of ridiculous amounts of money domestically as well as internationally from the comforts of their own home. The days of the long and expensive trip to Las Vegas or comparable locations to bet is simplified to being just one click of a mouse away. Annually it is estimated that the online gambling business generates hundreds of billions of dollars a year around the globe.

To put it in its proper context, China-based online casino, Macau, monetarily wagers in 24-hours what’s bet in an entire week on the Las Vegas Strip. That’s 7x the money in one day! They alone make up for 47.5 Billion in revenue annually as reported in 2013.

Now here in America, we have stipulations and laws that hinder the boom that others have seen internationally, but it hasn’t stopped the market from growing substantially. If you ask any normal American who is remotely familiar with the online betting community, they’ll without hesitation mention that Bovada Sportsbook is one of the front-runners of the field. In this review we will evaluate the good and bad of the site we know as Bovada Sportsbook.

Brief History

Since 2011, Bovada Sportsbook (formerly has always been known for it’s diverse and easy-to-follow format of sports wagering, horse betting, online casino play, as well as online poker play. Bovada Sportsbook can accommodate a wide range of betting opportunities for the most seasoned gambler to the first-day novice/casual gambler.

The Format

As mentioned earlier Bovada features an easy as well as user-friendly format for betting and wagering money. Other popular sites feature a lot more cut & dry interface to cater to veteran gamblers, and provide a direct betting experience, that in turn presents an element of difficulty for casual ones. Bovada understands that more betters are of the casual variety and capitalize on this.

Sign-up is secure and quick to do, which sets the tone for the simple overall. The best part is American residents are legally allowed to join with out fear of prosecution (with the exceptions of New York, Maryland, Nevada and Washington). Unfortunately if you are from the aforementioned states you are out of luck.

Other features of mobile betting (casino & sports), live betting, and poker help the user bet on the go with the ultimate sense of convenience.


Bovada is littered with bonuses and incentives; here I will highlight and review the main ones.

Firstly, the $250 sign-up bonus is a great way to earn real cash—fast. Bovada basically gives you 50% of your initial deposit to go spend. This proves very enticing to a lot of casual betters who only wager hundreds of dollars at a time as well as gives betters opportunities to parlay side-bets and wagers to get paid swiftly. (The only kicker is that this has to be used within 30-days, but with only a 3x rollover requirement, it is very reasonable.)

Yes you heard right, they allow side-bets. (Cha-ching!)

They also have bonuses for frequent betting as well as inviting other paying customers onto the site. This proves to be a tremendous asset to a user who may have a large social network. More people = More $.

Oh and not to mention they offer Free Sports Bets and Welcome offers of up to $3,000. For example: Poker offers 20k in freerolls monthly, daily guarantees and 100k guarantees. They also have frequent small promotions that reward you amounts of money or cash back for betting. One thing Bovada does well is making betting a fun experience


International business can be tricky with the potential breakdowns in language and timeliness, but Bovado excels in this department. Rest assured that your gaming experience will be a safe one.

  • A rating from SBR (Sports Book Review)
  • Top 10 Recommended site on SBR
  • I don’t want to let on that one cant experience less than favorable occurrences on the site, but the strict regulations of the SBR ensure that sites that receive an A rating are reliable. Customer service for general support can be reached at 1-888-263-0000. As a great alternative you also have the option to email any questions or concerns that you may have. The consensus is they are very timely using either option.

    Payout & Deposits

    Depositing money is simple as a credit/debit or gift card transaction from most major card companies excluding American Express & MasterCard.

    For those looking to expedite the process may elect to go with the method of Rapid Money Transfers or wiring money, but naturally you’ve to be a timely paying customer to have this option available to you. If you aren’t swift in this regard, option A is your best path.

    For those not experienced in online gambling, the payout can be quite frustrating at first. Most people would expect a Vegas-style swift payout, but that’s simply wont happen when international payments are involved. Bovada typically delivers payout checks within three weeks if you elect to receive payment by courier.

    However if waiting isn’t your thing, you can have your payout from the funds wired to you for a nominal fee of course.

    Go to Bovada now to start betting online and get your free match bonus.